How to Help a Hoarder Stop the Habit

Do you have a loved one who is displaying hoarding tendencies? It can be tough knowing exactly how to approach them and how to help them. They may be extremely resistant to your efforts at first, as they may view it as a threat to their safety, comfort and well-being. That’s because hoarding is a […]

What to Know When Cleaning out Your Joliet Home

Are you moving from Joliet? Do you just want to organize your life so you can live happier? Maybe it’s just time for a good summer cleaning. Either way, are you panicking at the prospect of cleaning out your home? No worries. It can be done smoothly IF you have a plan in mind. First, […]

Signs it’s Time to Rent a Dumpster

Whether you’re moving and need to wade through 10 years of kids’ toys, or you’re finally tackling that backyard decking project and have accumulated debris, you may face the need of renting a dumpster. Dumpster rentals are more affordable for short-term needs than purchases. Use them for a day, week, month, whatever, then have them […]

A Quick Guide to Summer Cleaning

With spring out and summer ushering its way in, it’s time to reconsider that spring cleaning you have been meaning to do. It’s never too late. Summer’s a great time in fact because the weather is so nice. A summer clean out leads to an accumulation of junk. Where will you put it all? Why […]

Tips to Holding an Efficient Yard Sale

…and where to put the stuff that doesn’t sell Whether you’re moving or simply want to de-clutter your house, you may decide that a yard sale is a good idea. You can make some extra cash, plus get rid of the junk that’s been plaguing your property for years. From old clothing and toys to […]

Cleaning House in Burr Ridge? Heed These Tips

If you’re moving from Burr Ridge and first need to clear your house of extraneous clutter, use a dumpster to make the process easier. If you’re clearing your home of junk, heed these tips before moving, to cut down on your overall costs. 1.    Not Everything Goes into the Dumpster It’s important to know what […]

Things You Should Never Put in Our Dumpsters

When cleaning out a house or worksite, oftentimes, we just throw everything in a dumpster. But is that the best and safest way to remove waste? Knowing what’s safe for a dumpster and what’s not is important before doing any type of major project. Renting dumpsters is a great way to cut costs and do […]

What to Consider When Choosing a Dumpster Rental Company

Doing your homework is key to the selection process. From experience and price to availability and services, take the time to carefully research a few different dumpster rental companies before making your decision. This will ensure you get the best price for your needs with the best possible customer service. Check out these considerations before […]