When cleaning out a house or worksite, oftentimes, we just throw everything in a dumpster. But is that the best and safest way to remove waste?

Knowing what’s safe for a dumpster and what’s not is important before doing any type of major project. Renting dumpsters is a great way to cut costs and do a lot of work yourself, but being knowledgeable in what’s allowed to be dumped is imperative.

Here are a few item that should never be put in a dumpster:

Oil, Gas, and Flammable Solvents

Do not put flammable wastes, such as gasoline, motor oil, lawn mower fluids, lubricants, chemicals, and other petroleum-based products, in the trash nor should they be recycled as they can cause fires and explosions. Do not pour gas or oil down the drain or in the sewer either. The best way to dispose of old gasoline or other fuel is to use it up. Discard these products at a designated local facility. Or contact the fire department or an auto repair shop to help offer suggestions for handling these flammable products.


Landfills do not accept tires because the steel belts inside can puncture the liners in landfills and cause ground contamination. The local government can help handle the disposal. But most car dealerships and tire retailers offer to recycle your old tires when they replace them. If tires are found in one of our dumpsters, we charge $25 per tire.

Knowing what to throw away, what to recycle, and what to take to a local hazardous material site is important for you and your family. Throwing away hazardous material can negatively impact you, your property, and the environment.

Finding the right dumpster disposal service is important, especially when moving. Pick a company you trust to ensure you get the best quality care for your needs.