If you’re ready to relocate your office in the Lockport IL area, you may be dreading the scope and logistics of such a move. Where will you toss all the outdated junk you don’t need? (Hint: think dumpster) Why take everything with you when you can look at an office move as an opportunity to purge? Fear not, Big Box Disposal is here to help you, with this corporate move checklist.

1.  Set a Time Frame and Take Inventory

First, come up with an office move project plan:

  • Coordinate with the property manager or landlord at both the new and current building to determine when moving day will be. 
  • Create a list of furniture, equipment, assets and other materials that must be packed and moved.
  • Create a separate list of whatever does not need to make the move. Divide that list into things you can recycle/give away and one with things you can throw out.

2.     Choose a Dumpster Rental Company

Next up, you’ll need to schedule a dumpster delivery for the estimated size and timeline you will need. It’s wise to research a few companies in your area first, asking for price quotes, possible additional overage charges, dumpster sizes, experience level of each company, and service areas.

Be on the lookout for:

  • Excellent customer service
  • On-time delivery
  • Same-day service
  • Competitive prices

3.  Prepare Employees for the Office Move

  • Send an email to your staff outlining all office move details. 
  • Hold a meeting to answer any questions your team has. Use this time to explain what they will be responsible for during the move.
  • Assign a group of people to handle specific steps in your company move checklist.
  • Create a list of all employees who will remain on-site during the move.

4.  Notify Your Contacts and Utilities

As soon as possible, let your clients or customers know about your office move so there is no confusion or loss of business. If you have an email subscription list, announce the move in a newsletter and post it on social media. Send direct mail to your customers for a more personalized touch, and send press releases to local news outlets.

Fill out a change of address form for the U.S. Postal Service, contact all of your utility providers so services can be up and ready at your new location, and update your Google My Business listing with your new contact information.

Pack and Purge

In the days leading up to the move, ask employees to go through their desk drawers and other personal spaces, tossing anything they no longer need. Broken furniture and equipment, old boxes, debris and junk can all go into the dumpster, which you can have placed on site. Shred and recycle any documents you no longer need. Create an office inventory list as you pack to keep track of office supplies and file cabinets.

Contact Big Box Disposal

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