With spring out and summer ushering its way in, it’s time to reconsider that spring cleaning you have been meaning to do. It’s never too late. Summer’s a great time in fact because the weather is so nice. A summer clean out leads to an accumulation of junk. Where will you put it all? Why not rent a dumpster at a great rate and let someone else haul it away? Here’s your quick guide to summer cleaning.

Come up with a Game Plan

The first step in putting your household in order is creating a plan. It’s easy to tackle everything in a day and just throw stuff out. But it’s better to handle this process in a purposeful and meaningful way rather than willy-nilly so there are no regrets. Plus, it’s more efficient with a plan under your belt.

Make a list of all the household tidying chores you need to get done. Prioritize them. Head outside and consider what must be thrown out, such as old siding, broken toys, old pool equipment, etc. If you have a family and kids, divvy up the chores. Have everyone come up with their own list of what they need to purge.


Throw anything in the dumpster that is clearly broken or damaged. Next, consider its use. Have you not used a particular item in a couple of years? Can you realistically see a use for it anytime soon? If the answer is no, out it goes. Go room by room, filling boxes, and tossing unwanted stuff in the dumpster out front.


The other half of the de-cluttering process is actually cleaning the spaces you’re clearing out. Sanitize all surfaces, wipe down walls and cabinets, vacuum the spaces that were previously covered by junk. Mop the floors, clean out cabinets, vacuum your fireplace, and put some elbow grease into cleaning the stove top, toss any old or unused plastic food containers in the cupboard, etc.

Don’t forget out-of-the-way spots like window trim, furniture legs, bookcase shelves and fireplace mantles. It’s a time consuming process, once that deserves attention to detail. This is why you shouldn’t attempt to do it all in a day.

You can rent your dumpster for various time increments, whether you need a week, a month or longer. That’s what’s so great about dumpster rentals!

Once you’ve tackled all the main rooms, move to the garage, basement and shed. This is where you’ll find a treasure trove of junk to sort. Remove your car from the garage as well as all those boxes, sporting equipment, paint cans, and tools. If you have extra 2-wheel vehicles then you will need to take care of those as well. Put your bikes on racks and any motorcycle on chocks to get them out of the way. Then, sweep cobwebs from the wall and floors. If you are able to, hose the floor down to get rid of debris, pollen, dirt and dead insects. Before you start piling everything back up again, consider adding convenient shelving and storage bins to stay organize in the future.

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